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Imelda Molla, known in the art world as Imelda’s Art, is a abstract artist born in Shkoder, Albania, in 1992, and later moved to Italy during her early childhood. After graduating in physiotherapy, she practiced in the medical field until a serious shoulder injury led to her discovery of abstract art as a therapeutic outlet. Through the use of vibrant colors, lines, and brushstrokes, she expresses her emotions and the hope of rebirth through her art.

Imelda’s unique style blends traditional and experimental techniques, creating visually powerful artworks. Her creations are characterized by a combination of forms, lines, and vibrant colors. Imelda’s art delves into the essence of humanity, challenging perceptions and inviting viewers to explore new artistic territories.

Imelda is a visual storyteller, creating compelling narratives through her art. Her dedication and talent have established her as a sought-after figure in the contemporary art world. Her work has been warmly received by critics and the public, earning her a place in influential exhibitions worldwide. Currently, Imelda resides in Zurich, Switzerland, where she continues to inspire and transform the world, proving that art is a universal language capable of captivating audiences.


Imelda has had limited opportunities to showcase her works due to health issues, but her passion and creativity remain determined. Despite the challenges, she has participated in two exhibitions in Switzerland. Imelda proves that passion and creativity can triumph even in the most challenging circumstances.

-Lucerne July 2023 – Januar 2024
-Zurich October 2023
-Tirana November 2023
-Zurich November 2023 – Januar 2024
-Miami 27/11/23 – 18/12/23
-Madrid December 2023
-Paris Art Fair 26/01/24 – 28/01/24
-New York ArtExpo 04/04/24 – 07/04/24


“With a brush in one hand and my soul in every stroke, I weave emotions into vibrant canvases. My art whispers stories to receptive hearts. Through colors and forms, i invite viewers on a journey of self-discovery and connection.”