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As an artist in the field of abstract painting, art inspires me because it stands for infinite freedom and possibilities. There are no limits in art.

As a mathematician by training, I was influenced by many rules for years. Therefore, I was immediately fascinated by the freedom that art offers, and this fascination has grown ever since. I love being playful and creative and expressing emotions through my paintings.

My former profession in IT had the goal of ensuring error-free programmes that run perfectly from a technical point of view. The great challenge of painting for me is to let go of this striving for perfection and create works that touch emotionally.

In my artistic work I am driven by curiosity, passion and a creative spirit and I am constantly experimenting in my studio. When I immerse myself in my work, I push the boundaries of my materials as well as my imagination… always looking forward to the next big breakthrough.

What’s happening in the world right now makes us feel how fragile our lives are and everything around us, how quickly we can lose everything that surrounds us. My paintings remind us of the beauty of this world and bring harmony and peace.