< Ian Alexander Bailey


Ian Bailey is an American artist with 8+ years of marketing experience in the Boston area. When he is not a marketer and can manage to escape the clutches of his cat, he spills and spreads paint on canvas. His practice is inspired by transformation, the ebb and flow of emotion, and a keen interest in the influence of the stars.

Growing up, Ian studied graphic design, web design, fine arts, and photography. In 2020, utilizing fundamentals learned from these disciplines, he decided to pursue his passion and dedicate himself to creating and exhibiting emotionally charged art.

Ian looks to forces that compel us to take action; to release ourselves from our reservations. He is fascinated with the unexplored, mysterious, taboo, secret, and psychological. He wants to know the motivation behind what people do; the writing between the lines. And so, he shows this with acrylic and other materials on canvas and other surfaces.



The latest work by Ian Bailey is an expression of the ebb and flow between light and dark. Elation and moodiness. Order and chaos. Creation and destruction. In this mixed media work, both subtle and bold movements inform the mercurial cohabitation of the two forces, rather than a power struggle.Through this expressive technique, he offers an opportunity to reimagine the volatility between life-giving light and mysterious dark as an interdependent relationship, rather than the age-old story of good versus evil. By combining the flow of striking motion with lights and darks in his methods, he hopes to encourage viewers to take action. To use any fear of the unknown that could be holding them back as the catalyst to act on their ambitions with vigor; without hesitancy.