< Hwajin Jo


Love the combination of color appearance and matiere.


Solo Exhibitions

21.10.5~22.1.5 Color Beach (Invitation) @Pyoungtaek, South Korea

21.6.25~9.25 Water To Wine (Invitation) @Seoul, South Korea

21.5.20~8.20 The Table of Our Hearts (Invitation) @Daegu, South Korea

20.12.31~21.3.31 Central Color Park (Invitation) @Seoul, South Korea

20.9.8~12.8 The Consolation Of Tables (Invitation) @Seoul, South Korea

20.7.1~7.31 Beauty In Grace (Invitation) @Seoul, South Korea

20.6.8~9.8 Clear or Vague (Invitation) @Yangpyeong, South Korea

20.3.9~6.8 Color Pot (Invitation) @Seoul, South Korea

19.11.7~20.2.11 Color Garden (Invitation) @Yangpyeong, South Korea

18.10.17~24 Color Park @Seoul, South Korea

Group Exhibitions

22.1.13~2.13 Eclipse (Digital) @Galeria Azur Madrid, Artsy, and Artsper

21.11.30~12.30 The Birth of Art, The Artro Group Exhibition of 9 Artists (Invitation) @Seoul, South Korea

20.3.11~15 London Affordable Art Fair @Evolution London, UK

18.5.17~26 Design Art Fair (Solo Booth) @Seoul, South Korea

16.1.19~25 Space, and sympathy (Invitation) @Seoul, South Korea

Awards & Media

2021 KBS Drama, Miss Montecristo

2020 KBS Drama, Fix You

2019-2020 A’ Design Award and Competition, Runner-up in Graphics and Visual Communication Design @Italy

2019 Art Olympia 2019, Cultural City of East Asia 2019 Toshima Award @Japan


Color is the story of light. Everyone feels light, but feels different. It’s so fascinating. I’ve attracted by the color appearance’s depth and painted the landscape of light and the daily scenery in the point of my eyes at first. The works have enhanced to Color Tables after realizing attraction of the space of the kitchen, “tables”. A table is a place for conversions and joys not merely for eating food. The food made from someone’s true heart on the table makes us gain strength in spite of our exhaustion. I hope that my artworks with color appearance deliver the same feeling to you. The paintings have been motivated from the top view on the table and they are named as “Color Tables Art” with color appearance from the daily scenery, trips, ideas, and so on and with apparent or vague shapes.