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Painter and Interdisciplinary artist born and based in Belgium.
I have been creating since I can hold things in my hands.
Living in the countryside, I am deeply inspired by nature and human nature that I had the chance to deeply explore for several years as an educator with children and mentally disabled adults.
I am fond of the Old Masters Techniques that I use for oil painting. I also employ textile art techniques in my work.
I have been a full-time artist since 2019.


Workshops & participations to exhibitions:

-1998: collective painting exhibition, Brussels
-1999: collective painting exhibition- Eureka gallery, Hannut
– 2006-2010: several collective painting exhibitions, Bruxelles and Wavre
– 2012: collective painting exhibition, province of Liége
– 2014: collective textile exhibition-Les Drapiers gallery, Liége
– 2018: collective textile and painting exhibition in Saint Luc Liège school of Art, Liège
– 2018: collective textile and painting exhibition- Cultural Center Les Capucins- in Stavelot
-2023: MADS gallery – 2 virtual exhibitions, Milan & Fuerteventura & Metaverse
-2023: Borderless exhibition – virtual exhibition with Norwegian Cultural Center, Oslo & Singapore
-2023: Parcours d’artiste-Lièg , Belgium
-2023: NYC Interconnecting lines – group exhibition with ArtioGallery, NYC
-2023: Lecce Art Week – group exhibition, Lecce
-2023: Carrousel du Louvre group exhibition with ArtioGallery, Paris – France

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In my paintings as in my textile work, I question the metamorphoses of the contemporary human being; how the external conditionings can impact our inner and outer self and what polymorphic transformations and transcending process may arise from those conditionings.
A few years ago, a life-transforming program made me embrace my vulnerability and inspired me to research lobsters. It is surprising how our fragility can reveal our strength..
Through the process of creation, it suddenly became obvious that the human journey was deeply rooted to the moulting process of the Lobster. Even damaged and fragile, the Lobster has an incredible capacity to recover , adapt and grow. I question that process when human beings are in challenging inner states, like suspended moments in which new possibilities occur. In my painting, the Lobster is the quiet observer, testifying to that process, highlighting that inner potential to choose, asking : « Now, what choice will you make for being? »