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The artist has not made any plans since she gave herself the name “Heoyu”. As she cannot anticipate the apparitions, plans do not seem that useful.
She only observes the apparitions and synthesizes them in an attempt to find commonality. It has been said that philosophers continue to seek knowledge until they no longer understand it. This is similar to the situation of the artist.
They attempt to answer their own questions and struggle to find the answer. Their work is the result of this struggle. Eventually, they realize that Art cannot be defined. This is why they never stop painting, drawing, writing, singing, dancing, etc. Likewise, “Heoyu” as an artist maintains the same pattern; continues to pursue these activities.


EDUCATION B.F.A. in Oriental Painting, Seoul National University  B.A. in Philosophy, Seoul National University

SOLO EXHIBITION 2022   Incomplete Blue Dream, Traart Gallery, Seoul

2022   The Moments in Between, 0 Gallery, Seoul

2019    What is true, CYART Space, Seoul              What exists, Gallery KNOT, Seoul              Emptiness of the thing, Gallery DOS, Seoul

2016    Substance, Gallery DOS, Seoul

2015    Individuals, Creavity Lab, Seoul

GROUP EXHIBITION 2022 [Upcoming] GS Gallery Sisun, Seoul

2022   [Upcoming] FOCUS Artfair, Carrousel de Louvre, Paris

2022   Connecting Dots, Gallery Azur, Berlin

2021  Jeonnam International SUMUK Biennale, Mokpo

FOCUS: Color of life, Saatchi Gallery & Fold Gallery, London

Seoul 25 Public Art: Everything about Transparency, Peace Culture Bunker, Seoul

Portfolio: As it is, 291Photographs, Seoul

2020   Ordinary Summer Days, LOTTE Department Store, Busan

2019   Tone 1, FOLD Gallery, London

Portrait 2019, CICA Museum, Gimpo

2013   A store of floating cloud, Open Studio, Seoul


I believe that “how to look at the world” is the central element of art, and furthermore, studies in general; however, it depends on not the object which oneself paints—what he or she looks at, but one’s point of view—how he or she looks at something. In other words, art is “this” or “that,” and it indeed lies between “this and that.”