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Hans Täckenström, 1957, is a Swedish artist who works internationally with a base in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hans has a professional background in the advertising industry, where he has been repeatedly nationally and internationally awarded for successful advertising.

Art and culture have always been strong driving forces for him, whether at work, as a musician in the group Hans on the bass or through painting.

In music, the artistic outlet gets in the bass playing. The signature of Hans on the bass ´music is feelgood which can be said to accompany the painting. It is a playfull way of discovering the world we live in.

Hans has studied art in Stockholm and San Francisco. Hans is using a lot of his experience of working with koncepts and the process creating different spaces and rooms for ideas and stories.

His art has several sources of inspiration. Modern pop art art, Nicholas Wilton, Peter Köhler, Donald Baechler, Hilma af Klint and Angelo Accordi to name a few fine art artists.

By meeting material in a nostalgic way and with the color scale of the 1950s, he examines the dynamics of the relationship between being a human, material and environment with a focus on connections and relationships with the goal of developing completely new experiences.

By using color as a clear carrier of the design language Hans haze uses, the abstract with the figurative witch finds exciting ways for the viewer to explore. In a complex world, Hans Haze paintings build stories based on a flow of different ideas, emotions expressed in a way that can not always be done in words.

Themes he works with in his art are everything from the beautiful and fragile to the more complex. All the different building blocks of life, joy, change and the role of people in our fantastic world. His paintings are like Alice in Wonderland with several doors and secrets disposed in a playful way asking many good questions – where to go? And where does your secret hide?



Hans haze Täckenström mission with his art is to express the secret of life with playfullness and colour. When you close a door another door will soon be open to a new universe of contrasts and new questions.