A Norwegian artist. After finishing my training to become a chef in spring 2018, I sought new expressive ways to pave my way in this world. Having grown up with drawing and occasionally painting, I updated my painting equipment to fill my time with more creativity. The days since are spent painting and I consider myself a painter now, even though I have no formal art education. Maybe that will change one day, but the best thing about painting is that there is not anything to it except from just doing it.


2021: “A Part Of Me, But Not Of Each Other”, solo art exhibition at Thon Hotel Otta in my local city of Otta, Norway.

2022: winner of a talent prize from a regional, Norwegian bank: Sparebank 1 Gudbrandsdal. Only one to win in the painting category.

2022: honored with a Luxembourg Art Prize certificate for excellent work to “only the most deserving artists” to receive recognition from the museum.

2022: “Visual Dignity”, solo art exhibition at another place in my local city of Otta, Norway.


A pessimist, I still believe there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore I choose to stop in the tunnel. In the dark. In the deep. To see how people react under the pressure. I love reactions. It is expressive and that is everything in this grey world.