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Hannelore Bueki is a self-made artist based at Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain and Frankfurt, Germany. As a painter, she is self-taught. She uses spatula and brush and loves dynamic oil colours on the canvas.

After a long career in the airline business and travelling around the world, she turned back to creating art. She rediscovered the pleasure of painting 8 years ago when she enjoyed life in Spain, and here she established a daily work routine to follow her passion for art.

Her inspiration is free and her artwork often moves in different and unpredictable directions. So, every work may change during the process of painting. She enjoys the variation that happens during this creation and that is part of the process.

Driven by a passion for art from a very early age I like to bring colour and beauty into the world and to the people.

I love experimenting to combine techniques, such as brush and spatula. I often sit in front of the painting, planning my next steps searching for colours and forms. All this belongs to the process of creating my artworks. I never know what the final result will be before its completion.

Sometimes I leave my painting unfinished to rest for some days to collect new ideas. I let it exist in the middle of the creation process until inspiration and colours show me the way.

By looking at my pictures, the viewer should feel the power of colours and their beauty and he should feel that I created this particular piece of art just for him.



As a painter and ballet dancer, it is showing the beauty of emotions through movement, of the body, either as a whole or with the extremity of my arm through a brushstroke, that lets me communicate further than the everyday things. We all are in awe when we see magic. And magic is everywhere: the wind waving the sea, moving clouds; temperature creating steam, cristalizing; light shinning through and creating inimaginable views and colours.. and it all happens in movement, in an instant, it flows. That is what I try to portray. I can’t keep a dance performance (an instant of magical feelings) forever, but I can try to portray how I feel the magic of nature, or human emotions, forever.