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Akila Hanada is a spiritual artist who practices healing, psychological counseling, psychic reading, and painting. His late father was a painter, and he grew up in an environment that always smelled of oil paint. From an early age, she was a sensitive child who loved making things and drawing pictures. She suffered from panic disorder soon after college and began recovering from her long illness on Cosmic New Year’s Day in March 2021 by telepathically connecting with Arcturians and receiving energy from the planet Arcturus. In September 2021, she receives a message from the universe and she starts painting. In June 2022, she moved to Mt. Togakushi, Nagano Prefecture, where she works in nature to bring down energy from heaven.


Born April 1, 1981 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, where there is a lot of snow. In 1995, she entered Hokkaido Sapporo Municipal College of Technology, modeled after the Bauhaus designed by architect Kiyoshi Seike. She graduated in 2003, majoring in the architectural design course of the Department of Industrial Design. Her graduation work won the Hokkaido Architectural Institute Gold Prize. Group exhibition at Tokyo Ginza Artstone Gallery in December 2021 and January 2022.


We often feel or send messages from invisible beings. He creates works drawn by automatic writing, works expressing cosmic energy with colors, and three-dimensional works that collect natural objects and communicate with the universe. I also draw alien characters who talk to me.