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Hakan Trulsson is a Swedish contemporary sculptor, living and working in southern Sweden.

He translates his fascination for shapes and abstract forms into wooden sculptures, craftily carving each one of them from a single piece of wood. His signature style is easily recognizable, marked by strong dynamic shapes and the use of bold colors which bring the sculptures to life. He works with a variety of woods but has a preference for spalted wood, and the preservation of the piece’s natural grain. This unusual technique creates a captivating contrast between the rough, organic nature of the wood, and the use of strong, colorful dyes that draw the spectator’s attention.

Much like a Rorschach test, Trulsson likes to keep his pieces nameless to allow the observer the freedom to project their subconscious and let their own imagination decide what they represent.


2022 “InterLude” Gallery Azur, Berlin, Germany


Inspiration comes when you least expect it. All sculptures are impulsive work that starts with a basic idea, that grows into a shape that reveals itself along the carving process.