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South Korea



GrymC was born and works in South Korea.

He had a passion and talent for art from an early age, but he majored in textile at university. After graduation, he used his passion for the art to work in the fashion industry.

He has been steadily working in art, and mainly uses digital tools to create his works. He creates works of various styles without being bound by one stereotype. Countless layers and textures are layered on top of each other to create unique textures and colors.

Currently, his artworks are sold to collectors in over 40 countries around the world, adding beauty to their spaces.



My name grymC [grim:si] means ‘poem written by painting’ in Korean language. What I’m doing is writing poetry using a tool called painting, not language, with beautiful images and colors found in various lives and nature. I don’t know the language that properly embodies the beauty of the emotions and colors I felt.