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Gina Mariotto was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She studied advertising at IUNP, Instituto Universitario de Nuevas Profesiones in Caracas, Venezuela; later on she studied Art at IED, Instituto Europeo di Design in Rome, Italy. She has represented Venezuela in the Human Unitas organization, and her work has been part of the world tour of this entity. She is a member of the Art Forum Stadtpark (Multicultural City Park Forum) in Graz, Austria.

Gina Mariotto’s work represents a colorful explosion of sensations inspired by sheer children’s creativity. By making use of figurative and abstract expressions, her paintings display different characters reflected from her childhood, whose gestures inject into them puppet-like life. Thus, puppet heroes, villains, mythological and everyday leaders began appearing on large canvases. She refers to such characters in these terms: “all of those who fit before and after colors and gestures and are filling out my own house which is also my workshop”.

Gina is called, appropriately, the “shaman of color” her work has a close correlation between abstract and figurative, a geometrization of the abstract that makes us rethink incomplete inner images in dreams or, perhaps, takes us to our own dimension, to that “primitive” element that exists in everyone.


Solo Exhibition:

2019 Gattinoni Couture Fashion Show Collaboration – Roma, Italy

Museo Macro – Roma, Italy

2018 Gallery Gewebe – Vienna, Austria

2017 International institute for Peace (Book Launch event) – Vienna, Austria

2016 Trashart, Vienna – Austria

2015 Molfetta, Chiesa della Morte – Italy

2013 & 2014 Gallery Trashart – Vienna, Austria

Group Exhibitions:

2016 Trashart, Vienna – Austria

2015 Galería Trashart – Viena

Molfetta, Sala Dei Templari – Italy

2011 Molfetta, Sala Dei Templari – Italy

2007 Beyond the unveiled Frontier – Los Angeles, USA

Museo de Bellas Artes – Caracas, Venezuela

Museo Aragua – Maracay, Venezuela

Bosi Artes – Roma, Italy


“I paint my feelings, my concerns and my dreams, words are not enough to expres myself. In my work you can read my life. Through my paintings, I connect the essential aspect of what I express with the reflections of my soul: in my works is revealed the relatonship I have with the outside world”