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United Kingdom



Giacaramis is a 25-year-old artist with a diverse range of pursuits and disciplines. Drawn to Arts, Philosophy, ancient Greek and Latin from his early studies, he then went on to earn a degree in Business in London.

Remaining consistent in his production of Art, he took a break from his career to retire in Tuscany for a year. During this time, he studied under the old masters of art, also spending some time exercising at the Siena Art Institute, soaking up the rich artistic culture of the region.

Afterwards, Giacaramis earned a master’s degree in Machine Learning from UCL, blending his passion for the arts with technology and data. He subsequently began a career at Amazon as corporate manager, and co-founded a Venture Capital investment fund where he sits as board member.

Giacaramis has produced a large number of physical and digital works throughout his life, his unique combination of skills and experiences has enabled him to bring a fresh and innovative perspective to his work. Keep your eyes on him – he is truly one to watch.


Bachelor in Business – Bayes Business School (London, UK)

Specialised program – Siena Art Institute (Siena, Tuscany, Italy)

Master’s degree in Data Science and Machine Learning – UCL (London, UK)