< Ghazisha


I am a full time painter living in my home studio in Tehran making art almost every day. I studied BA in Industrial Design and MA in Art studies but it took me sometime until I finally decided that nothing fulfills my life’s purpose as much as painting.

In 2017 I started pursuing my biggest dream of becoming an Artist. My source of inspirations includes my daily experiences and people who I love through which my moods and thoughts are reflected.


<p>BA in Industrial Design- University of Tehran 2003-2008</p> <p>MA in Art studies- Tehran University of Art 2014-2017</p>


I am not sure whether I make art or art makes me! I love that my paintings explain me and my moods constantly. So the subject does not matter. it can be a portrait or a landscape what matters though is my mood and thoughts when I painted them. I work with variety of materials but try to stick to one material at a time. Acrylic watercolor and pastels has been my favorites so far.