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George Pinder (b.1998) is a British artist born in Leeds. Recently he completed his BA in Fine art from the University of Loughborough and now continues his practice at his UK studio where he has begun to push forward his professional career as a practicing artist. Growing up in an inner city plays a key role in his identity as an artist. His parents always exposed him to the arts, enriching his knowledge of artists that preceeded him, eventually igniting his decision to follow an education in Fine Art. George finds it important to bridge his fascination with urban culture and his passion for more traditional art to find his voice through his own creative process, producing emotive and identity rich artwork. His work is often created using an abundance of painting media such as oil, oil sticks, acrylic, ink and spray paint, commonly using all of them to create one artwork. This allows him to create the connection between traditional media, and the more urban media of spray paint capturing the desired aesthetic, creating a communication between both influences. His subject matters tend to depict figures, but with a strong interest in Abstraction and Neo-Expressionism, distorting and playing with the way they are depicted. His work often fluctuates between abstraction, to compositions that include much more detail while all sharing the characteristic of his electric and carefully thought-out colour choices. Music, fashion, urban/pop culture, his personal identity, traditional art and movements are all elements explored to draw inspiration from in his creative practice, using them as vessels to drive him towards his finished compositions.



Leeds College of Art, Final Major Exhibition, 2016

Business As Usual, Dean Clough Gallery, 2019

Loughborough University, Shipping Containers, 2020

Loughborough University, Final Degree Show, 2021

Art for Youth, Mall Galleries London, 2021


Extended Diploma Fine Art: Leeds College of Art, Distinction *

Diploma in Professional Studies: Loughborough University, First Class Honours

BA Fine Art: Loughborough University, 2:1