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Gabrielle Nisenboim is a graphic designer and multidisciplinary artist currently based in Chicago. She studied Neuroscience, Psychology, and Design at Tulane University in New Orleans. Gabrielle’s passion for art began at a young age, and has been painting since she was 8 years old. She began her career as an artist by selling her artwork street art fairs in Chicago when she was 22. Now at 23 years old, she is an internationally represented artist with hundreds of paintings all over the globe.

Gabrielle Nisenboim paints colorful dramatic compositions featuring a wide variety of styles. Influenced by her time living in New Orleans and Chicago, Nisenboim’s body of work demonstrates her love of nature and fascination with growth, both in the nature and people around her. Her artistic exploration represents her recklessly optimistic view of life with adoration of vibrant colors.



My goal as an artist is to ignite curiosity, to look closely to find the small details I’ve hidden throughout my paintings. For anyone looking at any of my pieces- I invite you to explore, to find new things I didn’t even intend to make, to connect and form your own conclusions. Because what you see, is up to you.