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Gabriele Heider(*1956) is a German visual artist living locally in Cologne and working globally. She studied free art with Daniel Spoerri (1978-1984) and stage design at the University of Applied Sciences for Art and Design in Cologne, formerly known as the Kölner Werkschulen.

Heider is a multiple prize winner with numerous exhibitions in museums and art associations at home and abroad therof to mention the first prize at “Kunst am Bau” ( as a part of the building) – competition for the artistic design of the library of the Central Executive Board of the Deutsche Telekom 1995, Bonn Germany.

Painting means self-liberation paired with increasing radicalism for her.


2021/2022 ZEITENSCHIMMER , Gallery Kunstraum 21, Bonn, Germany

2020 TRACKS, Gallery Kunstraum 21, Bonn, Germany

2019 PASO DOBLE, Jørn Utzon Foundation, Baleares, Spain

2018 ART & DINNER, Gallery N18, Cologne, Germany

2016 – 2018 Inspirational travelling through southern europe for my artwork


BODY MEMORY. ABSTRACTION. OVERPAINTING“The abstraction and color is the best way to approachthe intangible and incomprehensible in me.The works arise out of my internal body memory.I approach the subconscious with color, material and form.The pictures arise out of the movement of my body and the placewhere the pictures are created – always as a product of great inner concentration.My art follows my inner freedom, arises from an inner architecture of being.