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I am Gabriela Salaverria, I am 21 years old and a Junior at PRATT Institute in New York. I was born and raised in El Salvador, a country where poverty, social injustices, gender inequalities and violence control the day to day life. In short, a lot of simultaneous threats and pressure to digest if you do not have an escape valve. I have found that Art is the most powerful way to genuinely and peacefully express and connect with our feelings, accept them and turn them into amazingly colorful vivid adventures.

I discover my most profound inner self through art and I am passionate about it. Art has become my way of expression. Saying this may sound trite, but It is my reality. Through my designs, my collages, the moments I grasp on a photo, the crazy, swirling effects of my paintings, I can transmit what is going through my mind and heart. Sometimes transforming my feelings or beliefs into a piece of art has allowed me to understand some of my feelings and even to see a different side of my difficult days. There is no specific type of medium or material in my art pieces. My style is basically a “free feeling type of style”. One that is not set up by any rules. One that is new and exciting. One that inspires and pushes you to stand up and live your life. Enjoy your today. No matter what goes on. My inspiration comes from that amazing freedom of expression where I can just let my feelings flow away through art. I will work as hard and as far as I can to share this amazing “scape valve” and fight to diminish the strength that we have allowed our negative feelings to take power over us. I want to share with you the infinite, colorful, positive power that art can have over ourselves.