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Born in 1989, Gabriela is a self-taught Venezuelan artist with background in design and communications. She pursued fashion design studies in Istituto Marangoni in London, and holds a BBA degree in Strategic Design & Management from Parsons The New School for Design in New York City where she also worked in fashion public relations. In 2014, Gabriela returned to her hometown Maracaibo and began her career in art, focusing on painting and illustration. She became involved in creative protests projects, collaborations with brand and also in the visual communication of flamenco (dance) festivals and performances in Venezuela, Miami and Spain. She has been invited to participate in several group shows and, in 2016, she held her first solo show “Hijos del Petróleo” (Children of Oil) from which one piece was selected to participate in the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women annual auction in London. Due to the ongoing socio-political crisis in her country, Gabriela moved to Barcelona, Spain where she currently works and resides. She obtained a Postgraduate degree in Museum and Cultural Heritage Management at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in 2019, and a Master ‘s degree in Digital Arts Curatorship from ESDi, Universitat Ramon Llull in 2020, after which she collaborated as curator in a cycle of performative art. In addition, for the past two years, Gabriela had worked in arts communications until recently when she decided to focus on her artistic practice full-time.


2019 – 2020
Escola Superior de Disseny, Universitat Ramon Llull: MA in Digital Arts Curation
Barcelona, ES
2018 – 2019
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya: Postgraduate Degree in Museum and
Cultural Heritage Management
Barcelona, ES
2008 – 2013
Parsons The New School for Design: BBA in Strategic Design and Management
New York, USA
2007 – 2008
Istituto Marangoni: Certificate in Fashion Design
London, UK

2023 (Upcoming January) Group Show “Blow Up” Galería Azur Madrid.
Madrid, ES
2023 (Upcoming January) Group Show “Eros y Tánatos” Galería Uxval Gochez.
Barcelona, ES
2021 Co-curator in the Collective Dissonants, Cycle of Performance and
Technology, L’Estruch Fábrica de Creación. Piece: “Paracronismos” by Valentina Alvarado and Carlos Vásquez.
Sabadell, ES
2020 Drawing Assistant to Artist Abdelkader Benchamma for his Solo Show
“Rayon Fossile”. ADN Galeria.
Barcelona, ES
2019 Group Show “Colectiva de Arte Contemporáneo Multidisciplinar Galería Abartium”. Fundación Claret.
Barcelona, ES
2019 Group Show “Colectiva del Programa de Exposiciones MundoArti.”
Ateneu de Tarragona.
Tarragona, ES.
2017 Group show “Imaginario 2017”. Hotel Kristoff.
Maracaibo, VE
2017 Auction “20 Years of Grant Making: United Nations Trust Fund to End
Violence Against Women” (ONU), UN Women. The Pavilion at the Tower of
London, UK
2017 Group show “Salón Duchamp de Noveles con FIAAM”, Feria Internacional de Artes y Antigüedades de Maracaibo” (FIAAM). Centro de Artes de Maracaibo Lía Bermúdez.
Maracaibo, VE
2017 Solo Show “Hijos del Petróleo” (Children of Oil). Club Náutico de
Maracaibo, VE
2016 Group show “Ilustración sin Medidas” 9th Edition. Ateneo Pop.
2016 Scenography for Spanish Flamenco Bailaora María Juncal, Tour “Flamenco
Países Bajos, UE
2016 Group Show “Motín III”. Paradiso Espacio.
Maracaibo, VE
2015 Group Show “Motín II”. Paradiso Espacio.
Maracaibo, VE
2015 Group Show “Conception New York Contemporary Art Show”. Tribeca.
New York, USA
2015 Group Show “II Salón Náutico de Artes Plásticas”. Club Náutico de
Maracaibo, VE
2014 II Group Show “Isla 360”. Blue Residences.
Aruba, NV.

2023 (Upcoming January) Feature in Women United Art Magazine Issue 2.
2022 Feature in Create! Magazine, Print Fall Issue #31, July 2022.
Selected artist by guest curator Alayo Akinkugb.
2019 MundoArti Revista Digital, Group Show Catalogue Ateneo de Tarragona.
Tarragona, ES
2017 Cover and Interview for “The North Place”.
Nordelta, AR
2017 Interview Solo Show “Hijos del Petróleo” en la
Revista “Carta Náutica”.
Maracaibo, VE
2017 Interview in “En Alto Magazine” of the airline Aruba Airlines.
Venezuela, Aruba & USA
2016 Press of Tour “Flamenco Fantasy” Spanish Bailaora María Juncal,
in ”Mundo Clásico”.


My practice focuses on portrayals of the female figure and role; it delves into the importance of relationships among women pointing at the commonalities within their stories to evoke a sense of community. The undermining of women’s history and the general ignorance towards female accomplishments, particularly within female groups, ignites my projects. For that reason, I seek to convey the value of fostering a sense of
belonging through passing on knowledge about women to succesor generations. That said, I pull elements from feminist literature, female historical references, and personal experience to construct a symbolic visual
language that informs the paintings, each conceived as imaginary scenes in motion of women engaging with each other. The figures come from memory, and the use of the medium reflects the roughness of the honesty I
want to convey. As an artist, I believe in approachability and expression. My goal is to create art about women that gives back to women, whether by paying homage to them or inspiring them, seeking to preserve their stories
and keep them company.