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Frida’s paintings are channeled energy work. The artist paints in a meditative state, connecting to a higher source as the works flow spontaneously through her. With a fearless intention to “Download the Light” she allows Universal love to come through her hands. The result is light, and the appearance of light entities on canvas. The purpose of the work is an elevated state of wellbeing for the viewer. Fríða Freyja was born in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1959. Her artist career began at age sixteen with a 5 x 200-meter mural on the wall of a local fish factory, for which she won an award. At the age of seventeen, she entered the Icelandic National School of Art. Fríða also studied in Spain in” La Escuela de Artes y Officios” in Malaga at a very young age and lived in Spain for 17 years. There she was merged in the fashion industry where she worked as a model and later a stylist. When she moved back to Iceland, she continued styling and art direction for publicity and magazines. It was then that she took up her brushes, got lessons from Icelandic artists and started to paint again. Fríða Freyja has been painting for over 22 years now and is known as “The painter of the light” Her collection entitled “Downloading the Light” are in homes and venues across the world. Fríða’s influence of the Northern lights and the midnight Sun of Iceland is present in her “Downloading the light” paintings which have been the main theme for the last eight years. Fríða has held fourteen solo exhibitions and many collectives. Last year she held two exhibitions with a new theme “Downloading Colors” which led her to her theme “New Earth” a flowing, powerful bright color series full of positive energy, flowers and growth. The last two years she has been part of “Torg” a collective exhibition that has been organized by the” Icelandic Association of Visual Arts” As the purpose of her “Downloads are so strong they have become an ongoing theme. Her love for divine purpose in life and passion for creating a better world is evident in her collections. All her work are original oil paintings on canvas. Custom sized works are available upon request



The main intention with my artwork is to help the viewer feel good. I want my art to speak to the soul, open hearts. When this connection happens, something magical is born and the artwork can continue to help the owner to grow in consciousness.