< Francesco Diana



I have been painting for many years, but my most productive and creative part was born about ten years ago, researching in abstract art the natural possibility of making my emotions real and visible.
In the creation of my paintings I use spatulas, brushes and with the help of other objects I create in freedom, placing myself above and around, overlooking and dominating the canvas even if being at the same level. I am fascinated by the way contemporary art speaks to our time, capturing the nuances of a rapidly changing society satisfying the need to be able to express myself. The shapes, colors and textures I choose are the result of continuous research, in an attempt to capture the changing essence of our world.



In each of my artworks I wanted to imprison the moment of fear, the fear of yesterday and the fear of today. I rebel against geometry even though it occasionally comes out in some of my features but I try to make my work vibrate with increasing spontaneity in the excitement of the artistic gesture. I don’t worry about giving real shapes, even if intimately I can’t keep them away.

Each of my canvases contains a piece of my unconscious. The pictorial gesture is interrupted only until the moment I decide to stop, but I know that if I were to continue the canvas would take another shape, another color, another ending.
In my way of painting, the movements of my body are fundamental and determine the progress of the work. I interact with the canvas in every way, starting with a series of calm strokes until in some cases literally throwing myself at the canvas that lies helpless on the floor.