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She’s a passionate italian painter living in the South of France near the Mediterranean Sea and many fields of lavender. This beautiful and dreamlike environment inspires her acrylic on canvas artworks. In her work, she discovered the healing power of colours which have their language and help bring the soul to the light.



– HONGLEE Focus Art Fair, Boom Exhibition, Artshow Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

– ARTBOX PROJECT Swiss Expo 2022, Zurich

– ARTIO GALLERY Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

– VIRTUAL ARTIST GALLERY UK Festival Summer Exhibition

– VIRTUAL ARTIST GALLERY UK Avant Garde Exhibition

– MADS ART GALERY – International Contemporary Art Exhibition F**KU, Milan, Fuerteventura

– ARTFABETIC, Dictionnaire Biographique des Artistes Plasticiens de France, add. vol. 1, Julien Dumas, Concordia Patrimoine et Culture 2022

Upcoming :

– 2022 : VAN GOGH ART GALLERY International Contemporary Art Fair, Paris Expo, Paris ; ARTIO GALLERY Exhibition at the Museu Europeau d’art moderne MEAM, Barcelone; GALERIA AZUR Exhibition at the Galeria Azur, Belin ; M.A.D.S. ART GALLERY Exhibition Brain cake, la Pedrera, Barcelone – 2023 : ARTIO GALLERY New York Art Expo, New York City, ARTSMILEY Expo World Trade Center of Dubai, World Art Guide (Gina Cinnamoni)


My creative process is expressed by the spontaneity of the brush stroke and total freedom. I have the feeling that the painting creates itself, it attracts colors. Painting becomes a necessity, my inner light works night and day and the pleasure comes when the painting is finished. A luminous universe is created, which is transformed into a haven of peace or a joyful space. A point of light for each color note. Pure love shared with the Universe.

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