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I was born in Santiago de Chile, the son of an American mother and a Chilean father. I grew up with my mom only, with the help of my father from Chillán, who worked hard for me and my brother. She taught us English from a young age and everything that involves the culture of her native country, something that has shaped me enormously. I studied at The English Institute, a school that, rather than asking for the best academic results, was very concerned with the human side of things. I was originally going to study visual arts, which I tried for a year when my mom moved back to California. For mental health reasons, I had to return to Chile, only having the opportunity to go to Chillán where my father lives. Since I did not take the placement test, I entered the Virginio Gómez Professional Institute to study Construction Engineering, from which I graduated last year. I don’t predict my future very far, but I have ideas from the dreams I have, like making a living from art, but without formal certainties, the academic world of applied mathematics attracts me a lot.


• Permanent Artist at Blast Gallery
o London/Chile, 2023
• Volunteer for the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion
o Mounting assistant for an exhibition of Kim Abeles
Costa Mesa, United States, 2017

• “Chicho”
Collective Art Book
• “Pipe Ace: Learning from a Sketch”
• Association of Painters and Sculptors of Chile


As a sort of young mind, I am in the middle of two subjects: tales that inspire me and my learning path that is never ending. The collages and illustrations I work on focus on people and society as a whole, but specially in delivering a clear message through iconography. The stories and consciousness of inspiring individuals are the main subjects of my current work. I’ve always loved reading biographies and mixing them with the pieces I produce, it is intended as a tribute to the people portrayed.