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Fanny Roche is a French abstract painter living in London.

Her interest in art emerged as she was a child through the practice of piano, dance, fine arts classes, and learning sewing with a costume designer.

After high school she began studying Art History in Paris. But missing art making she enrolled in an Applied Arts preparatory classes where she enjoyed working on fashion, space design, graphic design and fine arts projects.

Uncertain about which field to specialize in she then decided to study Architecture. Soon after her graduation she moved to London and started working as an architect for a major international firm. After a burnout during the Covid-19 lockdowns she admitted she was truly unfulfilled by her profession and found her way back to art. She started painting as a way to freely express her creativity and she consequently decided to pursue and artistic career.

My art began as an attempt to be more in tune with myself by reconnecting with my creativity. My approach is very intuitive, I usually start a painting only with an association of colours in mind to which I feel drawn at that moment. My brush strokes are spontaneous and each one dictates the next. I welcome accidents as they create disturbance and new possibilities.

My creative process keeps evolving through my experiments with tools and materials, I am always looking for something new to push the boundaries of what I already know.

I build my paintings with layers to create depth in textures and colours, as the layers of life experiences create a complex personality. With my painting I am looking into ways to translate the energy of movements, colours and emotions on a canvas.