< Ezu


Human artist resident in Spain.


  • 2022 Feria internacional de arte en Barcelona
  • 2022 ArtBox.Project Mallorca
  • 2022 ArtBox.Project Zurich
  • 2022 Artist Experience Marbella
  • 2022 Artist Experience Feria in Madrid


Six years ago I was interested in researching how to represent different sensations, situations or perceptions in a physical way, in order to show the public another way or angle from which to observe everything that surrounds us and how it affects us, how the environment embraces us and its changes.

For this, I mainly use sculpture, since, due to my work background, I see the composition and dimensioning of a work in a different way when sculpting it than when painting it, although I do not rule out the latter medium in some of the representations.

Due to my experience with materials as an engineer, I use lightweight materials such as extruded polystyrene, plaster or aluminum. It is in the use of color where I disagree the most with the usual art, liking the use of metallic or neon colors, colors with the brilliance of the 21st century, considering that colors have to evolve along with civilization.

My current line of reflection is aimed at highlighting the involutions of the human being; why we continue to ask ourselves about women’s rights, why we continue to deforest and pollute disproportionately. In addition to studying the changes of light or space with shapes, of course!