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Born in El Salvador, Evelyn developed a deep appreciation for nature and the arts at an early age. She explored a variety of media such as oils, acrylics, pastel chalks, metal embossing and others.

She lived in Europe, Asia and America that experience provided her a wealth of inspiration, particularly the intricate details of mother nature. She is captivated by the complexity of textures, the surrealism of the sky, the unique beauty of the animal kingdom and the grandeur of the Universe.

This multicultural and multidimensional world guides her art, creating a beautiful journey that she captures in her photography. In each shot, She strives to seize the Grace of the moment and evoke a Haiku poem.

As an Alumni of the Nangyan Academy of Fine Arts, in Singapore, Evelyn showcased her work in a group exhibition named “An Impression” a collection of woodblocks, etching and intaglio techniques that were met with great acclaim.

As a cancer survivor Evelyn cherishes every moment, and her photography captures the essence of life with the eye of a transient observer who knows that immortalizing the beauty of the right moment is the key magic retelling and reliving it. Every image is a poem, is a sacred connection to the present moment.

Some of her photography not only resembles modern impressionism but a photographic style born from her love, her intimate relationship with nature, and her crusade to capture the Light of life.


Art Education

1986 School of Arts of Master Miguel Angel Orellana, El Salvador
2008 Oleo painting, Spain
2012 Printmaking, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, NAFA Singapore.
2013 Non Toxic Etching at Art and Printmaking studio of Marisa Keller Artist.
2014 Printmaking, Singapore Tyler Institute STPI.
2018 Digital Photography, Miami Institute of Photography.
2021 International Center of Photography.


1987 Collective, “Bodegon”, El Salvador, Oleo Painting.
2013 Collective, “An Impression”, Singapore, Printmaking.
2018 Collective, “The Hybrid Project”, Photography.
2021 Solo exhibition as an emerging artist, Spectrum Miami.
2022 Artexpo New York online exhibition.
2022 Collective, “The Colors of Miami”.
2022 Collective, Expometro Miami-Art Basel.
2022 Collective, “Keep the Channel Open”, New York.


2023 Artist Excellence, “With Poeny I”, Circle Foundation for the Arts.


My photography is a Haiku, a visual poetry of the right moment, it reflects my deep connection and love to Mother Earth and all the wonderful beauty and Grace that surrounds us. Haikus are expressions of magical moments and details that can never be recreated, and as I capture these images, I allow my heart to feel the rhythm of creation. In each of them, I try to capture the essence and the soul of Nature. Through my photography I aim to bring awareness and appreciation of beauty, mystery and power of the natural world.