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Eva was born in 1984 near Frankfurt, she emigrated to Switzerland with her family as a teenager. Born into a banking family, she too embarked on the path of a bank clerk. However, even as a child, she was an artist at heart. Whether self-written comics, stories, or small theater plays: The creative side has always accompanied her, but it often had no place in the hectic everyday financial life.

After a difficult time a few years ago, she returned to what she really enjoyed and began to actively paint with acrylic paints. She has her own studio not far from Zurich in which she spends a lot of time. Whether things in everyday life, people, nature or music, everything is inspiration…


<p>23.04.2021 – 03.05.2021</p> <p>Digital Exhibition ‘ROMANTICA’ at M.A.D.S. Gallery in Milano (Italy)</p>


For me, art means forgetting everything around me, letting emotions run wild and losing myself in the moment. It is the often unplanned result of feelings that have hidden themselves in everyday life and thus find their way onto the canvas.