< Eszter L


My name is Eszter.

I’m an artist from Belgium who creates contemporary and modern art.

I get inspired by interesting faces, shapes, poses, as well as the places I’ve lived in, like Italy, Miami, New York and Belgium.

Life is an experience so I feel like I’m always on an adventure.

The way I see the world is what I want to show in my work.

Colorful, cultural and sensual.

If you look at my work you’ll always find a touch of those key-words back in my paintings.

Art is for everyone and everyone is art.



I’m an artist that creates outside the box. When I create a new piece it’s always an experiment with different mediums. I start of with an idea and then end up with something completely unexpected.I use mediums like watercolors, acrylic, markers, charcoal, etc.. But I also use organic material like coffee, tea and wine. Anything that I can find and use to make something unique.