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Norwegian artist Erik-Ottar Hansen (b. 1974), raised and lives in Norway. Has been an artist for more than 30 years.
My work is about the nature and people of the arctic regions in Norway. After I lived permanently in Lofoten for a period of 2 years to study the nature of northern Norway and work in the studio. From my childhood, I have been fascinated by nature in and the Arctic.
Humans and animals live close to nature. The nature around here is tough, harsh, wild, rough, brutal, fresh and can in times be inhumane to be in.
I have explored more of life on land, in the sea and nature. Not least the light that changes between the light / dark and warm / cold all day and year. I am also fascinated by the magical northern lights. I have explored working more consciously to reflect life and the landscape. I use various fixed elements such as human figures, horizon line, house, boat and animals on land and in the sea. Weather and wind are elements of nature that also occurs in my work. I like to work on the balance between the naturistic and fairytale like imagery. I wish to be involved in renewing and creating a new view of interpretations of the landscape in Norway. I am also very fascinated by the differences between the south and north of Norway. This contrast helps to inspire me and helps to leave its mark on the images. On some of my new images you will see a surface that looks like a graffiti surface. Working with acrylic colors layer by layer. The substrate is from canvas, paper and wooden boards. Blue colors are common in my works, this is the nordic blue tones we have here up north. I use a lot of bright colors in my pictures.
I would also like to convey the vulnerability of our sea, during the recent years Norway has extracted 2.5 mil tons of wild fish from the sea. Is this a sustainable development? It is important to have sustainable fishing and that we have fish left for the next generations. It is important to ensure gentle fishing and use gentle equipment against our earth. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. What will marine life be like in the future? Can we learn anything from what our ancestors did? Society must move towards a climate-neutral future.
Being severely hearing impaired on both ears, I consciously use my other senses to a greater extent than what others do, I would say that this affects my need to express myself. I try to reproduce this by conveying a silence, calm, loneliness, and vulnerability


Formal competence and professional experience
Gallery H74
2007- 2023 (sole proprietorship. atelier and artist)
Totenvika Gallery and Culture Café
2014- 2021 (owner and operator)
Kunstkvarteret Lofoten.
2009-2010, 2021 – 22 (working as an artist)
Photographer Tærud AS
1995- 2002. (photographer / frame joiner / customer care)

Nydalen Art School Oslo 2008-09
(personal art development)
Ringebu Folk High School Norway 1994-95
(drawing, painting, photography and ceramics)
Jessheim High School Norway 1993-94
(Drawing, shape, color and weaving)

Artistic training with other artists from the year 1997 – 2022.
Kjellaug H Lunde. Kurs i Collography 2022
Kjellaug H Lunde. Kurs i Collography. 2018.
Anne Mariendal 2009 -10
Peter Esdaile. 2008.
Trine Kampmann Jensen. 2007.
Eva Lindalen. Lillestrøm. 2007.
Erlend Grøstad og Sissel Vagard. 2005.
Trygve Retvik. 2004
Eli Møller. 2004
Thomas Sæverud. 2003
Inger Marie B Søyland. 1999/01-08
Emmy Myklebust 1999
Unni Haldorsen. 1997-98

Exhibition/group, collective and domestic/international exhibition.
2023 Norwegian graphic artists. Oslo.
2021.Gallery 2. Stamsund Lofoten
2021. Sillo. Dairy Cultural Center. Leknes/Lofoten
2015/20.Totenvika Gallery and Culture Café Norway 2018. Romerikesutstillingen.Norway (juyert)
2017. Kulturmøllan. Skåne. Sweden
2014. S9 Gallery. Oslo Norway
2013. Gallery2. Stamsund Lofoten. Norway
2012. S9 Gallery. Oslo Norway
2012. Union of Art. St.Petersburg. Russia.
2011. Gallery 2. Stamsund Lofoten Norway
2011. Vestvågøy City Hall. Norway
2010. Merkur Gallery in IHK. Kiel Germany
2010. Gallery 2. Stamsund Lofoten. Norway
2009. Kunstkvarteret Leknes Lofoten. 2009. Norway
2008/09. Håberget farm Summer exhibition. Elverum Norway
2007. Trails school. Headland. Summer exhibition Norway
2006. Hundorp Dale-Gudbrands Gard. Peer Gynt-Stevnet. Norway
2005. Ullensaker Kunstforening. Jessheim Gallery Norway
2005. Prideart.Gallery BOA and galleries 21:24/21:25. Norway
2005. Finnskog exhibition. Svullrya. Norway
2004. Ullensaker Kunstforening/Nes painting club. Gallery Jessheim. Norway
2003. The river festival “Art from East and West”. Headland Norway
2003. Ullensaker Kunstforening. . Gallery Jessheim. Norway
2001-11.Nes painting club. Nes Cultural Centre. Norway
2002/03/04/07/08. Romeriks exhibition (juried) Norway
2000/01.Ullensaker Kunstforening. Ramby Farm. Norway 1995. Romeriks exhibition (juryert) Norway
1993/94. Youth cultural event in Ullensaker. Norway 1993/94.Youth cultural event in Akerhus county. Norway

Solo exhibitions.

2022. S9 Galleri Oslo Norway
2017-20. Totenvika Gallery and Kulturkafe.Skreia Norway
2016. Nes Kunstforening. Årnes. Norway
2014/16.Totenvika Gallery and cultural café. Skreia Norway
2013. Ullensaker Art Association. Gallery Jessheim, Norway
2011. S9 Gallery. Oslo Norway
2010. GalleriH74.Nes Norway
2009. GalleriH74. Fenstad. Norway
2008/09.Sørumsand Kunstforening. Norway
2008. Gallery Asbjørn. Kongsvinger. Norway
2008. Radisson SAS Hotel Gardermoen. Norway
2007. Festiviteten. Eidsvoll. Norway
2004. Nes Kulturhus Årnes. Norway
2004. Fetsund Kunstforening/Fetsund Lensemuseum. Norway
2004. Ullensaker Kunstforening. Jessheim Library. Norway


2019. BHSS. Østre Sildre Municipality, Norway
2018. BHSS Østre Sildre Municipality Norway
2017. Granly Foundation.Decoration. Østre Toten municipality. Norway
2016. Beitostølen Health Sports Centre. Østre Slidre municipality. Norway
2016. Leknes bo og aktivitetsenter. Vestvågøy Municipality. Norway
2010. Borgen Hall. Ullensaker municipality. Norway
2009. Qualitessytem. Safe food. Kløfta Norway
2008. Radisson SAS Hotel Gardermoen. Norway
2005. Ullensaker Art Society. Norway


2012. Royal Norwegian Consulate General. Russland
2012. Travel scholarship. North Norway County Council

Lectures and courses.

Instructor in painting lessons. Lena. 2017 Norway
Vestvågøy Municipality/Buksnes School 2014. Norway
Course painting lessons for children. GalleryH74 2011/13 Norway
Instructor in painting theory. ( Popolus.) 2006-07 Norway.