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Eric Borel is a remarkable individual, an executive chef, professional artsist and the Founder/Owner of Fonteclose_art specializing in Figurative Art and Oil Painting.

His achievements in the arts industry have made him a pacesetter with amazing contributions.

Eric’s passion for art, and his history training under an internationally renowned artist with Diploma of excellence, coupled with the knowledge and skills he has acquired over the years have enabled him build a successful brand and career.

Eric’s journey in the art industry started many years ago as a young boy passionate about drawing. Growing up in an active intellectual and artistic environment, he traveled a lot and found excitement in multiculturalism.

Feeding from his desire to create and stand out, Eric was always motivated by the desire to become a global expert in his field. To this end, he went on developing his skills until his twenties, when he embraced canvas painting.

He hasn’t looked back since! When Eric starts a canvas, he does not have a precise idea of the final result; an attribute that sets him apart from others in his field.

Researching a background in classic professional cuisine, Eric takes pleasure integrating his unique mix of chef and artist perspectives to his art to create amazing pieces.

For him, artistic painting is a fusion between spices and pigments. Sometimes Eric paints on the motif, while in other times he uses photos to start a canvas regardless of whether the result is far from the model.

This is Eric Borel’s form and methodology.

A game changer in his field, Eric’s unique style manifests simply through his drawings and pigments.

Enriching himself through contact with associations, visual arts, and contemporary poetry, the tenacious creative uses art as the engine that runs his actions.

With deep industry knowledge, coupled with an analytical and detail oriented approach, Eric is equipped to understand the needs of the most discerning audiences and pieces, delivering an experience rooted in creativity, authenticity, and expertise.

A self-taught industry professional, Eric’s creative and painting skills make him a keen advocate for the industry.

He is proactively seeking out new ways to enhance his skills and services and to continually attain excellence, with client satisfaction the objective.

His immense passion for the techniques of “Encienne “ the masters of painting inspire his commitment to paint between 3-4 hours a day.

Drawing inspiration from the big names in painting, Eric believes that it is the work of lesser known painters that triggers his creative process to express himself.

Excelling in his craft, he makes a background corresponding to the dominant color desired and light draws the outline of the painting on it with a very fine brush.

The last step of his creative process involves applying the color and experimenting with different harmonies each time.

The multidisciplinary artist was born in 1964 in Cameroon, and has lived in several countries in Africa, United States, and other countries across the globe before claiming France as home XX years ago.

Leveraging the wisdom of his cultural and environmental exposure, Eric has gained a sophisticated and nuanced perspective that elevates his work, enabling him to match his craft with the outcome he requires. As if that is not enough tenacity for one person, Eric still travels a lot by car.

He is currently in Kazakhstan, where he serves as project manager and takes care of expatriation catering.

It is undoubtedly that cosmopolitan youth that has given him the observer taste and made him appreciate the variety that the world has to offer.

Outside painting, Eric loves spending time with his family and friends, and finds engaging in self-developing activities like learning French and Asian cuisines among other recipes most fulfilling.

With the belief that self-expression is the hallmark of an artist; to develop that element, we must express our own personality.

This is Eric’s motivation towards painting and transmitting to others the love of materials, pigments, and shapes.