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Enikő Csengey is an artist living and working in Budapest, Hungary.

Her abstract expressionist style is characterized by wild colors and often erotic themes. After her artistic ambitions were broken by a teacher as a child, she became an economist.

Csengey made a successful career as a hotel director for 7 years. But she was not satisfied with her life, felt burnt out and knew something was always missing.
She started painting again after 20 years and she felt she finally arrived. She decided to quit her job as she wanted to concentrate on her painting ambitions.

The lack of self-confidence for never studying in art school and the fear of uncertainity led her to go back to the well-known industry. Just after she tasted the joy and love of being really herself while painting, she was suffering from her decision every day.

Then the pandemic came. She lost her job, her title and career.

Csengey started feeling free and began to live the life she has always wanted. Working as an assistant allows her to paint every day. She wants to do service, give people something of the vision she has got.



I have been experiencing my emotions in an extreme and intense way since I was a child and I am also inspired by this.
My painting is characterized by abstract expressionist traits, I try to reproduce the depths and heights that give the amplitude of the emotional waves by mixing strong colors and different mediums.
I want to do service, give people something of the vision I have got, to leave value and give it to the world. There is a piece of me in each of my paintings.
I know exactly what I felt, what I went through when I painted them. The colors tell the story without words, I can express everything that I’m unable to describe with words without effort. I want to hang on the wall of strangers’ flats and exhibition rooms, to remind people that are standing in front of me to dare to live their feelings.
Let them surrender to their emotions, never forget their desires and listen to their inner voice while looking at the painting. I want them to feel what they see.