< Elke Zauner


Born 1972 in Altötting, Germany.

1991 – 1994 Education as an Ecclesiastical Painter

1995 – 2002 Academy of Fine Arts, Munich at Prof. Hans Baschang (painting)

2001 lived in Reykjavik, Iceland

2002 Diploma at Academy of Fine Arts, Munich Since 2000 many exebitions in different countries

2003 – 2006 lived and worked in Vienna, Austria

2006 – 2008 lived and worked in Bamberg, Germany

2008 – 2009 lived and worked in Rome, Italy

2009 – 2010 lived and worked in Frankfurt/ Main, Germany

2010 – 2012 lived and worked in the Black Forest, Germany since 2013 I live and work near Munich, Germany


<p>Past Exebitions (Selection):</p> <p>2019 Gallery Gedok, München Gallery Bruckmühl, Gallery Horst Stauber, Passau, Art Museum Passau</p> <p>2018 Friedrichsbau Bühl, Bunsen Götz Gallery Nürnberg</p> <p>2017 Art Museum Straubing, Verein für Originalradierung, München, Art Museum Speyer</p> <p>2016 Bunsen Götz Gallery Nürnberg 2015 Cordonhaus Cham</p> <p>2014 Gallery Claudia Weil, Augsburg, Gallery Coucou, Kassel</p> <p>2013 Goethe- Institut Los Angeles, Riverside Art- Museum (USA), Gallery Coucou, Kassel</p> <p>2012 Villa Concordia Bamberg, Eskilstuna Art- Museum (Sweden)</p> <p>2011 Gallery Wild, Zürich (Switzerland)</p> <p>2010 Ecke Gallery, Augsburg</p> <p>2009 Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin (Villa Massimo Students), The Hex, London</p> <p>Awards and grants:</p> <p>2008 Scholarship at Villa Massimo, Rome, Italy</p> <p>2006 Scholarship at Villa Concordia, Bamberg, Germany</p> <p>2003 Scholarship DAAD Vienna, Austria</p> <p>2001 Scholarship in Reykjavik, Iceland</p>


The main theme of my paintings is the confrontation with space and light. I create spaces, architecture and landscapes that draw the spectators into the piece, where they can start a visual journey, lose themselves, find rooms and openings. There are translucent walls, floors, windows and doors that leave you wondering what could be hidden behind. And sometimes you get the feeling that you just might be able to peek around that one corner.The architecture in my paintings is made of colour, it’s created through many different translucent layers, lines and geometrical forms.I invite you, to take a closer look, rest and wonder.