< Elisabetta Pienti
United States


Born in 1981 and raised in Milan, I realized my painting vocation in 2008.
I studied in Milan as an interpreter before realizing that the unique universal language I wanted to express myself with, was art.
Discovering myself as an artist at the age of 27 was a sort of “Revelation”, and, as a young adult, it allowed me to approach the art world in a very conscious way.
The turning point happened in 2017 when I moved to New York City.
The new environment and its vibes determined me as a full-time artist and from 2017 I started painting a very flourishing oil-on-canvas production (my favorite technique).
My artistic path is constantly evolving, trying to take every chance that comes along, as an opportunity to grow personally and artistically.


My works have been phisically exhibited in:

Milan – Galleria Cael
Milan – Fondazione Matalon
Florence – Art Art Gallery
Naples – Spazio 57 Art Gallery
Roma – Galleria Rossocinabro
Venice – Scuola Grande San Teodoro
Madrid – Galeria Azur
Madrid – Van Gogh Art Gallery
Barcelona – La Pedrera (Gaudi’)
New York City – Van der Plas Gallery
Miami – Galeria Azur

Future exhibitions: Hong Kong

I also took part to some virtual exhibitions and featured in some european major art fairs such as: Vienna, Brussels and Luxembourg


My art is all about balance and connections.
The canvas is the perfect place to make my inner reality merge and connect with the outer world.
Through Art my deepest emotions take shape, resulting in a poetic and intense work.
The creative process is based on the use of vivid colors and the energy they unleash, and the way colors blend in results in a blurry and surreal dimension.
Everything I put on the canvas is the output of a process that requires a “stay in the moment” phase, a sort of Self-Therapy to reach an inner balance.
In my artistic dimension there are no rules, no superstructures, no judgement, just freedom of expression where the viewer is free to create his/her strong and personal connection.