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This artist, who lived his very early childhood in Turkey before coming to France, after having drawn a lot, began to create his personal universe by encountering surrealism. After obtaining her degree in architecture, Elisabeth Laplante leads in parallel an activity of architecture agency and self-taught painting. She discovered Hans Bellmer in particular and his practice of drawing and automatic painting opens the way to the unconscious. She moved away from architecture to train and practice in the field of 2D image at its very beginnings, then in 3D image and joined Thomson Digital Image. But painting regains its rights a little later and she devotes herself to it as well as to her 3 children. The manner is transformed and it discovers the immense field of abstraction. It’s a time when she does a lot of exhibitions. Life decides to introduce her to kinesiology, she trains and practices for twenty years in this practice. She has developed a psycho-genealogy protocol served by kinesiology methods and makes it a very powerful and fast tool. During this time, painting is put aside, without frustration, because his profession, in line with his global questioning of fundamental questions, thus enriches her. Likewise, travels, encounters and contact with nature nourish her. In recent years, painting and this time author photography, of abstract style, have become a priority and she now devotes all her time and energy to them. The colors invaded the canvas, the wood, the paper with lyricism, in order to image the feeling of the skin in particular and of all the senses in general. The body is an integral part of his work. This theme, in various forms, runs throughout his works in various media. Collage is one of her favorite media. She uses all sorts of ingredients, fabrics, threads, hair, everything is conducive to showing her skin-deep sensitivity and subtlety, which seems essential to her. She particularly likes Antoni Tapiès, like Cy Twombly, Helen Frankenthaler, Gauguin, Fung Chung Ray and many others…and Bonnard of course! The exhibitions are now numerous, collective and personal, in France and sometimes abroad. The happiness of creating and proposing a vision and universal emotions sets in. In the same desire for beauty, depth, delicacy, the two visual universes of his painting and his photographs deliver us a message of peace, serenity and sweetness.

Surrealist practice taught me letting go, then evolved towards abstraction. My personal search is summed up in harmony and balance, with an imbalance factor so that this balance is dynamic. Beauty feeds me, but not aesthetics. I “dive” into a mental state close to meditation where time and space disappear, and I let it go to transcribe, in paintings and drawings, the sensations of touch, the interface between my self and the rest of the world. I worked with oil on canvas, paper, ink, pigments in a battle between oil and water. My desire is to touch universality, with emotions, but not only; I believe that there is a sense of beauty common to all cultures. Subtlety and serenity are my first criteria.