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My childhood in Russia was defined by neutral color fantasies, fairy tale dreams, winter wonderlands, and a hindering idea that I needed to predetermine my future at the tender age of 6. As a child, I was surrounded by greatness. I grew up in the studios of two artists M.BIryukov (1926-1995), my stepfather and Godfather, and N.Gladkih (1927-1995), my uncle. Spending summers by the sea watching my uncle painting with all shades of blue and green or being in the studio alongside my stepfather shaped me to a great extent. However, we differ significantly as they magnify the beauty of the natural world, and I often paint unmanifested reality.

For years I wondered who I was as an artist and if I had the right to call myself by that name. Even now, I feel vulnerable when I stand in front of my audience in this capacity. I met my creative destiny while surrounded by the vibrant ineffable colors of India.

In 2008 I trekked the Himalayan mountains, where I stood above the clouds in complete awe of the place and the creation. A shock wave went through my body. I am one step closer to realizing who I am and what I am doing here on Earth.

During my travels, I discovered the navigation map of the Creative Spirit, Vedic Art. It’s like the compass we have in our minds to find the way to the chamber of peace in our hearts. Then, you can glimpse into eternity when you dip your brush in light, space, and bliss.

After becoming a certified Vedic Art Instructor, I started writing down my exercise and experience and published a book “Art Completes. Exercises To Develop Your Individual Vision, Self-Expression & Artistic Skill.”
I now live in the fascinating city of New York, and, having traveled to 30 countries, I feel Oneness everywhere. The more I travel, the more it becomes interesting to paint and explore the world with my brush.


December, Brain Cake, Barcelona, Spain
December 44 Annual Hilltop Art Show, NJ, USA
November, Guardians of Dreams, MADS, Spain, Italy
October, NAWA’s 133rd Annual Exhibition, New York, USA
August I Am Where I Want To Be, NAWA, New York, USA
July, Art Angels, NAWA On-line
June-July The Crayola Gallery at the Banana Factory Art Center, Harmony, PA, USA
February, New Dimensions. NAWA, New York, USA

November 13, “Artist VIP” Solo Art Show, NYC
November-December, 43 Annual Hilltop Fine Art Show, NJ
October-December –132 Annual National Association of Women Artists, New York
September-November – Layering, Mixed Media Art Show by NAWA, New York, Award for “Perfect Stranger”
July-October – “In Unity” – Solo exhibit in the Unity Center of Sussex County, Lafayette, NJ,
June – “Home”, NYC Art show collaboration Artious gallery and the NAWA,
Home, 24 x 18, pastel, paper
May – “Art Angels” – NYC, Art show dedicated to volunteers of the National Association of Women Artists, Musician, 24 x 18, pastel, paper
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December – On-Line event “A Dreamer” – Queens Public Central Library, NYC
November – 42 Annual Hilltop Art Show, NJ
March – “We have Arrived”, NAWA, Manhattan Public Library, NYC
February – Small Works. NAWA Gallery, NYC
January – Cold II, NAWA Gallery, NYC
November – New Members Art Show, NAWA Gallery, NYC
October – “Travelling Through The Light” Tenri Cultural Institute, NYC
September – MORA, NYC
August – “Works on paper” for Bread & Roses Project, NYC
May – “In Search of an Illusion. A Retrospective of Change.” Tenri Cultural Institute, NYC
March – “Art Completes You” group show, NYC
2012, 2013, 2014
The annual art exhibit “The Artist March,” for March of Dimes for the Sussex County chapter, NJ
“Russian Landscapes,” SCCS, NJ
“Around the globe” art show-fundraizer, Sussex, NJ for Cornerstone Community theater
“Rhythm Of Peace” Arts Festival, Lafayette, NJ
2006, 2007, 2008,2010, 2011, 2012
Annual Art Show, BAAM, Sparta, NJ
Art Show, Music and Art Academy, Sparta, NJ


My art is about experiencing breakthroughs in the deeper meaning of life, understanding Oneness, or realizing that everything is connected and originates from one source.

My paintings consist of multiple lines and hidden images within them. Portraits, landscapes, still-lives, and abstractions hold a concept to contemplate. The interconnected lines, shades, shapes, and spaces join on a canvas or paper to create a shared experience, just like the people and things around us.

I often start with meditation. I listen to the Line moving across the paper to understand what it wants to express and then surrender to its’ direction. Listening to the Line is much more essential than guiding it because painting is a direct way of communicating with the unseen. I’ve been using art to heal myself and others, become stronger and more creative, enjoy life, start a new adventure, and be ready to meet the unknown.