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For as long as I remember, since kindergarten I have always been sculpting, drawing, cutting out paper, collecting reproductions of paintings by great masters. In kindergarten my teacher skillfully drew paper dolls in order to dress them up… One day she got sick, and at the age of 6 I began to do that instead of her. I had a whole line of people lined up. Afterwards, I’ve been doing it all my life…
After I graduated from art school, I continued to practice plein air watercolor painting, sketching and portraits. It has always helped me in my profession as a designer.
One day I was asked to do a set for a performance at a ballet school in Lille in France. And I created a new art form: brush painting and acrylics for textiles on the transparent veil. So a new series of paintings in different techniques and styles appeared.
I also continue to paint plein air landscapes in watercolor and pastel, acrylic, mixed media, and Chinese ink.

In 1983, I started working as a modelist and stylist at the Fashion House and in cinema. In 1989, I became a professor at the Fashion School.
Since 1991, I have lived in France, the United States and Germany, and I am a freelance artist, stylist and designer. In France I have my own gallery and I paint in plein air in Germany.


1975-1979 Art School (drawing, painting, illustration, art history);
1979-1983 Fashion School (stylism and modelism);
1984-1990 Textile Institute (Department of Applied Arts, Fashion Design).

2022: Exhibition of Nemours (France) artists
2021: Exhibition of Nemours (France) artists
2015: 26th Exhibition of Mouvaux (France) artists
2014: 25th Exhibition of Mouvaux artists
2011: 22nd Exhibition of Mouvaux artists
2010: 21st Exhibition of Mouvaux artists
1990: Diploma exhibition in Moscow


Creativity is the path people dare to follow.

Each work is the next step on that path…