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I was born and raised in Russia and am now living and working in London. My education was primarily in philosophy and law and I worked for seven years as a lecturer in philosophy and as a lawyer in the banking sector. I recently discovered that I have a facility for painting and this has greatly widened my artistic interests. I previously worked at length in a collaboration to bring architectural designs to life and this work has proved valuable in stimulating an experimental approach to my current painting. I am also exploring the links between the visual experience of viewing a painting and aural voices behind it which connect the viewer’s reaction with the artist’s story. I have published a book of my own collected aphorisms and am currently working on a novel.


• 2004 MA in Intercultural Communications, Moscow State University
• 2002 PhD in Social Philosophy, Saratov State University, Russia
• 1999 MA in Law, Saratov Academy of Law, Russia

• 2019 Golden Pen of Russia literary award

• V. V. Ilyin, E. K. Shaura, T. V. Shafigullina, ‘About the tasks of semantics as a science. Linguistic – logical – philosophical semantics: subject-creative differentiation and cooperation’. Liberal Arts in Russia, 2022, Vol.11(1).
• V.V. Ilyin, A.G. Khairullin, B.A. Khairullin, E.K. Shaura, ‘Philosophy and Literature: Two Types of Self-Consciousness of Humanity’.Vestnik TvGU . Series: Philosophy, 2021, Vol.1.
• Shaura, Elena: A Scrunched-Up Piece of Paper: A Book of Personal Aphorisms and Essays. Moscow, 2019.

Recent Exhibitions
• January 2023 art 3f International Contemporary Art Fair, Paris
• June 2022 art 3f International Contemporary Art Fair, Monaco


Imagine that a picture can reveal its inner self while you, a fly on the wall, stand and listen. I see an image on a canvas as something which embodies many voices. Just as different colours and visual ideas simultaneously strike our eyes, so do a painting’s voices strike our ears with a polyphony of meanings. I am now working on ‘Background Voices’, a project in which imaginary conversations will form an audio backdrop to each painting and offer the viewer a simultaneous audio-visual experience.