< Elena Samarsky


I am a self-taught artist inspired by abstract expressionism. A Ukrainian-born Israeli, I have always been a creative person: I wrote poems and danced since my early childhood. However, I only started to paint much later in life, during my university studies.
It was during the time when I had an opportunity to live in several different countries – Austria, Germany, UK – and painting abstract has helped me to cope and understand new contexts, to express my feelings about it and digest new experiences. In addition to being trained as a sociologist, during my PhD at the university of Oxford I had my first solo exhibition and started to focus more on my art and engage more actively with the art community. Since then, I have exhibited my works in the UK, Finland, and USA, and have been a finalist and winner of various juried exhibitions.
I participated in several artistic residencies in Europe and the USA and in 2021, I co-authored a book with an American poet Timothy Tarkelly
entitled “All Other Form of Expression: Paintings and Poems by Elena Samarsky and Timothy Tarkelly”.


<p>Solo Exhibitions</p> <p>2022 Forthcoming. Osage Arts Gallery. Belle, Missouri, USA</p> <p>2021 Pop-up Exhibition. Osage Arts Gallery. Belle, Missouri, USA</p> <p>2020 Expression through Abstract. Centro Cultural William V. Musto, Union City, New Jersey, USA</p> <p>2018 Magic in the Countryside. Hovinkartano International Arts and Cultural Centre, Finland</p> <p>2018 Searching for the Immortal. Jesus College, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK</p> <p>Group Exhibitions</p> <p>2021 Rotating Art Gallery. Union City, New Jersey, USA</p> <p>2021 5th Annual Colors. Exhibition finalist. Fusion Art Online Juried Art Exhibition</p> <p>2021 Abstract. Exhibition finalist. Grey Cube Gallery Online Juried Art Exhibition</p> <p>2020 America. Centro Cultural William V. Musto, Union City, New Jersey, USA</p> <p>2020 Transformative. Winner. HobokenArts, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA, Online Juried Art Exhibition</p> <p>Awards</p> <p>2020 Winner. Juried HobokenArts “Transformative Online Art Exhibit”, Hoboken, NJ, USA</p> <p>Artistic Residency</p> <p>2021 Osage Arts Community Inc. Artist Residency, Belle, Missouri, USA</p> <p>2021 Sarasvati Creative Space Residency, Waynesboro, Tennessee, USA</p> <p>2020 Azule Residency, Hot Springs, North Carolina, USA</p> <p>2018 Hovinkartano International Arts and Cultural Centre, Hauho, Finland</p> <p>Publications</p> <p>2021 “All other Forms of Abstraction: Paintings and Poems by Elena Samarsky and Timothy Tarkelly.”</p> <p>2020 “Current resident” Azule Newsletter. August</p> <p>2020 “Solo Exhibition at the Centro Cultural William V. Musto”, 2020, Hudson Reporter Online, Art and Culture</p> <p>2018 “Art Exhibition in the College” Jesus College Arts Magazine, Michaelmas 2018.</p>


For me, creating art is as a form of self-expression, an emotional and intellectual journey of reflection on yourself, others, and your environment (natural and man-made). I am always curious to see how a new environment impacts my creative process: being a nomad I love to travel, and participate in art residencies to discover these new encounters. The desire and sometimes the need to reflect and digest environments/encounters creates a dynamic work process in which each series of work is different and is an expression of a specific point in life. Such context provides a fluidity in which I have a freedom to experiment with colour, texture, and techniques. Creating art is also a transformative process – from being an active creator to being a detached observer of an autonomous piece. Although it can be a harmonious process, it can also result in feeling of abandonment and emptiness.