< Eileen Olimb


I come from Norway but left at the age of 18 and travelled the world for many years before settling in Luxembourg. I hold a bachelor of Science with honours and a diploma in Geography and Third world studies. I feel like the combination of travelling around the world and my social science studies compliment each ohther and meeting a variety of people from all walks of life has made me aware of the cultural, religious and economical differences people face in their daily lives. Some very fortunate and and some much less so. I am a self taught artist though I spent some time at Ecole d´Art Contemporaire in Luxembourg where they challenged me to let go of the plan, to let the art happen by itself. This was very difficult for me in the beginning but I have learned to love it. I love to try new things and learn as I go along by observing art and other artists around me. My art is a reflection of my journey and life experiences. I use a lot of colours and lively images to express myself through my art. Very often I have an idea of what I want to achieve and somewhere along the way it takes a life of its own and it becomes something else. I never give up until I am happy with the final result. I love having a big white canvas in front of me and to be able to turn it into whatever I want. I paint because I can’t help myself. It is my passion in life. I hope you like my art, a little piece of me.


– 2016 -group exhibition Kopstal comune

– 2017 pop up group exhibition in Walferdange, Luxembourg

– 2018 selected as one of the winners in an art competition and did a group exhibition in Vienna, Austria where my art was used for the invitation card.

– 2018 selected as one of the winner of 33rd Chelsea International Fine arts Competition where I received certificate of excellence

– 2018 July collective exhibitions in Agora Gallery, New york where my paintings where chosen for the main poster

– 2019 Cueva Esch Luxembourg, Group exhibition

– 2020 Won 2nd prize in M&Arts Gallery competition and will exhibit in Florence (delayed because of Covid)

– 2021 September Solo exhibition in The Foundry Luxembourg


I start with the background and work with layers. First I chose a colour base or I just random put strokes, colours or markers. Sometimes I try to keep a colour theme but most of the time I add colours and patterns or paper as I progress with the painting. I often turn the canvas so that it will look balanced from all angles and a lot of my paintings can be hung which ever way you want. sometimes when I have covered the whole canvas, I draw over it again and this is where the paintings takes a life of its own and. I continue to add layers until I have achieved a result that I am happy with.