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The Graphic Artist Spanish Origin Eduardo Vidal

He is the visionary and creator of endless patent intellectual, artistic, cultural developments and patterns of artistic innovation.

Among these developments, the art of inverse symmetry, hydraulic art and also the art of gravitational induction, the art of futuristic concepts, urban designs, organic art, dimetric industrial art, the art of design, the quantum medicine, patterns and concepts. .

the artist works actively with developers researchers scientists development humans governments governments universities laboratories reverse engineering futuristic design concepts and patterns


The Artist Eduardo Vidal

Exhibited at the Venice Biennale Italy National Museum of Luxembourg with recognition and prize at the Luxembourg Museum exhibited in more than 10 countries, in more than 110 physical and virtual exhibitions, national museum galleries

studios graphic art postproduction dimetric design

The artist-scientist has great recognition in futurist scientific development among universities, studies, architecture and scientific laboratories, companies, global development, the firm Vidal represents the artist Eduardo Vidal of Spanish origin, who is becoming a global icon on intellectual art, science and culture.


My art represents in global computation cultural intellectual about the advancement and development of the future patents utility salvation environment salvation medical industry the visionary vision I have is fundamental for the future, in my art is the only asset in the world that in 3000 thousand years and 20 thousand years can be transferred and used as a concept of intellectual development and human evolution