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Dominique Rémy Root has always been an artist in her soul. She grew up in a family where her father was a journalist/photographer/tv anchor and her mother an actress/model. Born in Quebec she now lives in Vermont and Miami. First it was through music she expressed herself, then poetry, journalism, photography, and acting. But is through painting, drawing and poetry that she finds her voice/ path. Citizen of the world she inspires herself through all the different cultures she has lived in like Canada, United States, Mexico as well as her multiple long journeys to France and Italy all influences that have defined her style and her art. This redhead with blue eyes carries in her the earth and the sky.


Before I was a visual artist I was an actress. I studied with John Strasberg (son of Lee Strasberg ). I also studied in Los Angeles with Ivannah Chubbuck and Richard Waterhouse.
Stryker a movie I was in as a supporting female made it all the way to La Mostra Venice’s International Film Festival 2005
MoMA in NYC part of best Canadian Films 2005
National Gallery in Ottawa, Canada
I did theatre in Florence, Italy in 2010 and fell in love with art and took drawing classes in a museum and never stopped since.
2014 Montreal part of emerging artists in a show called Skinned.
2018 solo show in a warehouse during art Basel in Little River called “Raw”
2022 2 paintings in Art Center of Stowe Vermont called The Current (formerly The Helen Day Art Center)


It’s important for me to express a complete range of emotions that live within all of us, pleasant and unpleasant ones.

Technique is not my focus I rather paint through impulse and action to honestly and transparently express myself and the world I observe around me.

When I start a painting I have no plan. I let the relationship between the canvas and me evolve instinctively, even if it takes me somewhere I don’t want to go.

I love this quote of Elaine de Kooning ” A painting to me is primarily a verb not a noun, an event first and only secondarily an image”.