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I’m a Polish born abstract artist based in London, UK. I discovered my creativity when I was 8-9 years old. Ever since then I knew I found my calling. I then followed my interests and studied Interior design and later on Technology of advertisement. Inspiration is everywhere- my emotions, life situations, relationships, nature, music, shapes, art, architecture… Observing, noticing and feeling are my main strengths and I find beauty and art in every little thing around me.

My art has always been very expressive and contrasting. It’s certainly evolved throughout my journey. And still is. I’m naturally a very curious and excitable person which leads me to constantly searching and exploring new forms of expression. I’m not limiting myself to one particular style or medium. I usually work with mixed media which helps me evoke certain impressions and textures. I’m intrigued with the correspondence between shapes, forms, patterns and colours. How they coexist. My process of creating is purely intuitive. Although I sometimes plan my next piece, I’m usually most satisfied with the final result when ‘’accidental composition’’ takes over.


2009-2011 Part of Portobello Art &Design market

2010 Art for Haiti Exhibition Rag Factory London

2010 Interview for ‘’Fat Quarter Magazine’’ Spirit and soul’’

2012 -Faces and Traces Self An exploration of the self portrait -Joint exhibition at Gallery 286 London

2014 Joint exhibition at The Gallery 286 Kensington, London

2015 Catharine Miller Gallery, Chelsea, London

2016 &2017 The Parallax Art fair Chelsea Town hall. My piece ‘Perfume Melody’ chosen for PR to represent the event.

2020-present Represented by Hansford and Sons, EAP , Fitzrovia, London