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Diane de Chatillon was an Ivy League faculty philosopher and psychologist, before following her true calling to become a painter. She never had formal training, yet is obsessively painting since she’s four years old. Applying renaissance and old master painting techniques, she creates contemporary art with timeless symbolism. Diane’s current topic is the mutual condition of savagery and culture, or the concurrent necessity for a Dionysian and Apollonian power, as you will.



07.08.2022–07.13.2022 Art For Real (Boomer Gallery, London)
07.28.2022–08.03.2022 Orizzonti Trasversali (M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milan)
11.28.2022–12.19.2022 Art Basel Exhibition (Galeria Azur, Miami)
12.28.2022–01.03.2023 Brain Cake (M.A.D.S. Gallery, La Pedrera, Barcelona)

Art Fairs:

10.02.2022–10.09.2022 Arte Parma
11.11.2022–11.13.2022 Luxembourg Art Week


My art reflects on the idea that human life is rooted in both, bestiality and beauty, unleashing and restraint, chaos and cosmos. Our brain discerns patterns in a seemingly chaotic vastness. It creates a human interpretation of reality, a model of reality that “makes sense.” Metaphorically, humans desire to create a cosmos, a garden, a paradise as a bulwark to chaos and death. Yet at the same time, their desire for order and control is leading to a greater destruction of a nature that seemed chaotic but was finely balanced and ordered before humans came along.