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Deša Vlahutin

Born in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 1981.
2000. Graduated from the Luka Sorkočević Art School in Dubrovnik.
2006. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.
Member of the Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU).
Currently lives and works in London, United Kingdom.


Individual Exhibitions

2004. Zagreb, Croatia, SC Gallery

2009. Bucharest, Romania, Brancoveanu Palace, Mogosoaia

2009. Dubrovnik, Croatia, Marin Držić Theatre foyer

2011. Prague, Czech Republic, The Gallery of Art Critics (Galerie Kritiku)

2011. Dubrovnik, Croatia, Gallery Talir

2017. London, United Kingdom, Embassy of the Republic of Croatia

2018. London, United Kingdom, Old Brompton Gallery

2019. London, United Kingdom, Bonhams

Group Exhibitions:

2003. Zagreb, Croatia, Ministry of Culture

2004, Zagreb, Croatia, Kristofor Stanković Gallery

2004. Zagreb, Croatia, SC Gallery

2010. Zagreb, Croatia, Meštrović Pavilion

2016. Dubrovnik, Croatia, Museum of Modern Art

2021. London, United Kingdom, Old Brompton Gallery

Public Works:

Zagreb, Croatia, Ministry of Culture

Vrsar, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia


2000. Island Vis, Croatia

2004. Montraker, Vrsar, Croatia


Basic geometric shapes purged of all metaphor. Accent on the materials. Equality and balance. Cold representation. Repetition. Less is more. The works of Deša P. Vlahutin correspond to all these features mentioned above, characteristic of the minimal art, well known in the 1960s and 1970s in Western culture. Deša P. Vlahutin is an authentic contemporary minimalist artist in these post-post modern times, and she respects fatefully the rules and principles of minimalism in concept and formal approach. She works with classic and sometimes expensive materials without the evidence of the artist’s hand, for their aesthetic impact. She has an impressive vision for large sculptures destined to public spaces. There are no symbolic features behind the forms. They are exactly what they represent. Nothing more, nothing less.