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Delfina Collazo is an artist born and based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Trained as an industrial designer in Argentina and Parsons, New York, her experience in this industry has informed the way in which she thinks and works. Delfina has been specializing in ceramics for the past 8 years and now combines her background in industrial design and her passion for ceramics to create unique pieces of artwork.

When asked what her profession is, Delfina Collazo always responds that she is an industrial designer by trade and a true artist at heart. She is constantly looking for common ground between art and design and is keen to push her projects towards these topics. She values craftsmanship, intention, and expressive, simple art. For her, the wonderful thing about ceramics is how each object reflects the process behind it, turning the process into an art itself. Today, she continues to create and discover her artistic identity, learning to express herself through a material that inevitably leaves mark.



La noche de Arenales – Crayón, Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2021

MFA final exhibition, Parsons, New York. 2022

BADA, Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2022

Vidrieras de Jean Pierre Joyeros, Buenos Aires, Argentina. – 2023

Solo show Galería Azur, Miami – Upcoming 2023

Bada, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Upcoming 2023

Puro Diseño, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Upcoming 2023


– MFA Industrial Design, Parsons – The New School | 2019-2022
– Summer program Industrial design, Parsons, The New School | 2017
– Diseño Industrial, UADE | 2011-2016


The wonderful thing about the material I work with is how the object reflects the process, turning it into an artistic act in itself. I am very drawn to the simplicity of this material and the complexity it is able to communicate while being, essentially, mud. With my work, I have created a distinct language to express myself through materiality.