< DelBorn


DelBorn, who has been drawing since he was a child, was enthralled by graffiti. He began his career as a graffiti artist, and his figurative style and technical virtuosity were quickly noticed.

A herald of urban culture who develops a distinct technique for the execution of works while remaining unattached to any particular movement.

Today, she focuses on the image of a human pictogram, which we see every day as a sign at a traffic light and other public objects.

The artist was captivated by this urban symbol and decided to use the pictogram to reveal the connection between man and his daily life.

Her body of work ranges from paintings to sculptures to NFT and is not limited to one medium or technique.


<p>Expo LiveArt, Stockholm -2018</p> <p>Expo Navi, Barcelona – 2018</p> <p>Gallery Altam, Moscow -2019</p> <p>Expo Liceo, Barcelona – 2019</p> <p>Expo Majestic, Barcelona – 2019</p> <p>Expo Begemot, Barcelona – 2019</p> <p>Expo Google, Barcelona – 2019</p> <p>DB Art Gallery, Barcelona – 2019, 2020</p> <p>DB Contempt Art Gallery, Golfe Saint Tropez – 2020</p> <p>ART CIRCLE, Barcelona – 2021</p> <p>Iba Gallery, Barcelona – 2021</p> <p>MundoArti Museum, Valenica – 2021</p> <p>ArtAtak, Paris – 2021</p> <p>Metaverse Art gallery (online NFT) Spatial, Los Angeles – 2022</p> <p>UNVIRTAL PARIS ARTFAIR, Paris – 2022</p> <p>Primavera, Barcelona – award, 2017</p> <p>San Jordi, Barcelona – award 2018</p> <p>Acabar, Barcelona – award 2018-2019</p> <p>ArtHola, Miami – award 2019</p> <p>Agbar, Barcelona – award 2021</p> <p> </p>