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David López Iglesias (Lugo, Spain 1987), designer and artist, currently resides in Madrid since he made this city his second home in 2015 to study graphic design at the IED university. In addition to the world of design, he is passionate about technology and art, he seeks to experiment and “mess around” with different visual languages through different media, both digital and analog. In 2020, he begins an artistic adventure in which he tries to apply different techniques, materials and pigments to create abstract paintings in which organic and unique forms are born.

“I like to define myself as an artist, but my passion for design and technology brings me closer to the profession of craftsman, in which I experiment with different trades such as painting or a more current one such as programming, trying to intertwine these very different worlds.“


2007 / 2009 – Audiovisual Producer TIC Foundation of Lugo

2015 / 2019 – Graduated in Design from the IED University of Madrid

2021 – Photogrammetry from Matadero of Madrid

2022 – Volumetric Cinema from Matadero of Madrid


I like it when I look at a sensation or feeling so that purely organic shapes and colours sprout from it. For this I use different techniques, always with a purely abstract language and trying to innovate and experiment without any type of limitation.What am I looking for with my art?Finding a free place, without restrictions, where each gaze can freely interpret an idea without any rational code that limits it, but always seeking a visual harmony of both shapes and colours.