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I am a South African emerging artist based in Hermanus South Africa. I have been living in Hermanus, South Africa for two years now. Before that I lived in Turkey Istanbul and Taiwan.

I entertain the idea that colour, stories and meaning can be translated. Art has been an important tool of communication. I love to blend contemporary, abstract and conceptual styles onto mixed media. My work ranges from small, medium to relatively large. My work filters through a layer of experiences. I love to gather an eclectic mix of insights from nature and the cosmos, my personal background, social and political as well imbue it with my oThis gives the pieces I do a balance between completion and mystery. Between objectivity and subjectivity. Nature in itself and our place in it is a paradox. I try display this in my pieces and leave an open ended interpretation to the viewer. Depending on the intention, sometimes in the progression of the work the opinions and interpretations of others formulate the final piece. If it is a deeply personal piece or one that requires solitude I will not share the work with others until published. Often though the pieces I do lie own psychological understanding of life. I carry the idea of seeing layers working individually and collectively to make up the whole. There is a paradox in settling for a finished piece but also knowing that it can be played upon from differing angles and contexts. n a spectrum and gathers and borrows elements from the various fields.


I am an emerging artist. I have sold pieces privately in the past. Since I have started to promote my work this year I have started to recently exhibit with a local gallery based in Hermanus and Stanford called Gallery Intethe. I have a BA and Honours degree in the humanities. These fields ranged from Psychology, Religious Studies to Philosophy. I have also done part time work in NGO’s. I have formulated my own coursework and also provided online educational services. All of the experience I have gained I now attempt to portray creatively.


I love to see colour and stories in my life and the world. I try to work to display a blend of meaning and creative chaos. I usually use acrylic but sometimes gouache and acrylic pour too. My aim is to not just put colour onto canvas and paper but also to imbue my pieces with stories and layers. In order to do so I sometimes look to see how the context of the piece can grow and develop. I never underestimate the importance of a brush stroke, line, comment or idea in the progression of a piece. I love to research and get a feel for the an emergence of a piece.