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Daniel Timko – Daniz. Prešov, Slovakia. 1986

In my abstract work, I like to use the variety and color of acrylic paints. I create my paintings by applying thick layers of colors, which create a unique relief effect. In addition to colors, I also use modeling materials to enhance the 3D effect, which infuses the image with uniqueness and gives him character. I would call the result of my work “Deliberate coincidence”, which means that before I stand in front of a clean canvas I know what I am going to paint, but I don’t know exactly what the result will be. Except for canvas, I use various wooden surfaces, where the structure and life of the wood stand out even through the colors.

My studio is a workroom in the basement of the house, where I not only paint pictures, but also make wooden picture frames for them. Therefore, my artistic working tools are not only painter’s spatulas and brushes, but also saws, sandpapers and stains.

When it comes to hand painting, I consider myself new and inexperienced artist in the society of artists, despite the fact that I have been close to art since high school. I attended an art school in Eastern Slovakia, where I studied graphic printing. After my successful graduation, I edited advertising promotional materials and in my spare time created various digital collections of images that I had printed on canvas, wood or glass.
I am learning to work with acrylic paints and structuring pastes myself, each work teaches me something new and inspires me to create more.
I like to try new techniques and types of art, in the past I also made paintings from colored plasticine and linocut.


2006 – Regional Museum in Presov – exhibition of graduation theses, High School of Arts, Department: Graphical Edition of Prints


My abstract work is made to please an eye of each spectator, who enjoys and is attracted by this kind of art. The spectator can develop his/her imagination and find its own idea without knowing what the author wanted to express.